Why doesn’t our stomach get digested?

QuestionsCategory: ScienceWhy doesn’t our stomach get digested?
KidpidKidpid Staff asked 1 year ago
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Susmita DasguptaSusmita Dasgupta Staff answered 1 year ago

Every day, we eat food to survive. Sometimes, we eat food to satisfy our taste. But whatever we eat, it gets digested in stomach. The stomach produces many acids, fluids, and chemicals. These play an active role in the digestive process. But it is obvious that our stomach doesn’t get digested by these chemicals. It is like, when we cook food in a pot. But the pot remains intact. Now what is the reason behind this?
There is a mechanism that protects our stomach from getting digested. What is that mechanism?  Stomach also produces cells or mucus which make a lining or coating in the inside walls of the stomach. This cell lining or mucus coating protects the stomach from being affected by digestive acid, fluids or chemicals. That is why stomach doesn’t get digested along with food.
But sometimes this cell lining or mucus coating fails to protect the stomach. This is because sometimes excess stomach acid may be released due to some reasons like stress, or because of eating spicy foods or fast foods. This excess stomach acid may affect the stomach walls badly, causing ulcers.

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